Tres Monjitas Fresh Long-Lasting Milk

This is the first fresh milk product with the longest shelf life in the world. No preservatives. Check the expiration date and consume without worries. Exclusively from Tres Monjitas. Enjoy it whole, non-fat, low-fat 1%, or low-fat 2%.

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Leche fresca de larga duración
Nueva leche fresca de larga duración


Enjoy your milk for longer without changing its flavor or nutritional value

Leche Fresca pasteurizada de larga duración


Because coincidentally, the MST machine creator, Phillipe Frechette, lived in Puerto Rico for 18 years and knew the local dairy industry and its challenges. While working on Tres Monjitas’ innovation and renovation, we contacted Phillipe. Since our company is smaller, we are more agile in our decision-making process than other bigger milk producers and we were able to close the deal faster.
Because Extended Shelf Life Fresh Milk is the best of both worlds. On one hand, it retains the natural fresh milk flavor, and on the other hand, it lasts longer because it goes through drastic pressure changes in a short amount of time, destroying its bacteria. Since MST technology belongs exclusively to VTM in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, there can’t be any imports, unlike UHT. Our marketing research and clients confirm again and again that they prefer the flavor of fresh milk and would purchase it more often if it lasted longer. During our first Extended Shelf Life Fresh Milk production phase, we’ll launch our main milk portfolio: whole milk, 2% reduced fat, 1% lowfat and 0% fat free in 48 oz cartons. We’ll also include fat free specialized milk with 67% more calcium than regular whole milk and chocolate milk with 2% reduced fat in 32 oz carton.
I can assure you that more than 90% of the time will be used to produce dairy products, but to stay competitive, the equipment will eventually be used to make other products.
This is simply fresh milk that lasts longer because during its production process bacteria was eliminated by drastic sudden pressure changes that lasted only seconds.
JCS and Purdue University have been perfecting and validating results for over 15 years. This is a progressive technology and we already know that the milk lasts fresh longer and is good for consuming well over 30 days.
None whatsoever. It’s fresh milk just as it comes from the cows. It goes through the pressure chamber, pasteurization and it’s packed to go to the fridge.
Tres Monjitas saw the opportunity and in Puerto Rico we have the need to keep innovating in our industry. The technology is validated and the results we’re having at the manufacturing plant confirms it.
We are investing close to a $1,000,000 to support this launch through an educational campaign offline and online, a massive advertising campaign, social media efforts, promos, activations in points of sale and much more.
We understand there will be some cannibalization, but it would be a switch from local fresh milk to more local fresh milk. The important thing is that we’ll produce locally products to be exported. We will be able to sell this milk in the Virgin Islands and we eliminated the possibility of importations of this product.
Because we will be producing locally products that are imported today. We will also sell our product in the Virgin Islands and there’s market research that confirm that Extended Shelf Life Fresh Milk will attract customers that currently don’t consume fresh milk.
We have a superior product and we’re confident we’ll attract consumers that currently don’t drink fresh milk. Besides, we will be able to produce lactose-free and Essential milks here; both of these products are currently imported.
For these situations and the consumers that prefers UHT milk, we have Tres Monjitas UHT milk produced at Indulac with 100% Puerto Rican milk. For the rest of the time, and for those who prefer fresh milk taste and would purchase more of it if it lasted longer, now we have the first Extended Shelf Life Fresh Milk by Tres Monjitas.
During the first production phase of the Extended Shelf Life Fresh Milk, we’ll launch a portfolio of whole milk, 2% reduced fat milk, 1% lowfat milk, and 0% fat free milk in 59 oz. cartons, all priced for $3.06.
Not currently, but we are always open to conversations with other markets and the MST group to decide if it’s possible.
We’ll keep on making both products and give the consumer or commercial client the option to purchase whichever is more convenient for their family or business. We know there will be some cannibalization but at the end, both are fresh milks.
We are well aware of the importance of educating the consumer, That’s why we’ve developed a support program with an investment of close to $1,000,000 that include educational campaign, public relations efforts, advertising campaign offline and online, social media, point of sale activations and much more.
Milk quality tests are constantly being carried out both in the dairy farm and in the plant, as well as in the Health Department. There are some processes established by regulation and in this case, the established process was not followed, and when verified, the quality of the milk was validated according to the regulations and its sale was continued. The Department of Health acted quickly and diligently as soon as they realized the error.
As in all dairy plants, isolated inconsistencies have emerged in 101 years of existence, but study after study confirm the quality of fresh milk from Tres Monjitas. Now, with the new MST process, the probability that bacteria or pathogenic microorganisms reach milk that reaches the consumer is practically eliminated. The consumer today more than ever can trust the quality of Tres Monjitas milk.

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